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June 14, 2006

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How China Cheats

This week's Escapist features my article "How China Cheats at the Videogame Industry" as the cover story. I hope I got those characters right. They should read dianwan shijian, or "video game world"--not an especially deft turn of phrase, but not inappropriate. I just don't want to end up on Hanzismatter.

A couple days ago I mentioned to a Bank co-worker from Hong Kong that I'd written something on software piracy in China. "Software? That's not important," he said. "They counterfeit medicine and food there, too. People die, they get poisoned. That's a big problem." I think that's a good perspective to keep in mind. The Escapist piece tries to restrict itself to the causes, problems, and solutions of the gaming market--but this is a struggle faced by many different industries, not just entertainment software.

In other news, after submitting my DWI article to NoVA Magazine, they asked me to write a short piece about telenovelas, the soap operas that are fantastically popular on Spanish-language television. I don't know where to find a telenovela expert--but I'm going to enjoy figuring it out.

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