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July 29, 2006

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Rhapsody in Blue, Pt. 2

Had a long meeting this morning and passed some of the time thinking about this Electroplankton project. I realized I've been going about this all wrong--I'd been thinking about ways to use the DS as a processor/sampler, but that's no good. Part of what shook me out of it was picking up my harmonicas for the first time in a while, an instrument that requires a microphone for amplification, and which doesn't treasure fidelity in reproduction. The other revelation was remembering that I already have an extensive rig for live sampling and looping, from the pretentious solo project.

Instead of trying to use the DS as a replacement for equipment I already have (or trying studio tricks that I don't fully understand), I should be putting it in front of the pedals I've learned to use skillfully, sampling it and looping it. In other words, doing what I've been saying all along and treating EP as an instrument, not as an oddly-shaped rack unit. Immediately I have a whole new concept on how to put this song together, revolving around the ability to loop one plankton, mute the DS and switch to another. The ideas are coming in fast, and I can't wait to get home and try them out.

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