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October 20, 2005

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Guns, Gangs, and Greed: Gaming's Hip-hop Diversity Gap

I've already gotten one letter from a reader over at The Escapist, so I guess it makes sense to open a discussion thread after all. Please feel free to use this space for comments. I'll try to check in, but since I'm in France the chances of any real meaningful discussion are, after all, pretty small. Keep it clean though, kids.

If you're visiting from The Escapist, you might want to take the time to look through the Gaming category, where (among other items) you'll find my belated series on integrating Electroplankton into a live music context, as well as thoughts for Corvus's Round Table and some other random reviews and perspectives. I happen to think my writing outside of the the video game context is also pretty keen, but it can cover a pretty broad range sometimes.

France is great. The food's wonderful, the people are perfectly willing to work around my bastardization of their language, and I finally found a charger for my PocketPC (HP loves their proprietary connectors) so I'll be able to do some serious writing. Maybe I'll post some travel notes after all.

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