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April 24, 2007

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That Old Magic

More than anything, Chocobo Tales makes me wish I was playing Magic: The Gathering. Which is impressive, because I haven't wanted to do that since high school.

I don't even remember where I got my first deck of Magic cards. I'm pretty sure that I never spent very much money on it, although I guess $10 decks and $1 booster packs can pile up over time. At lunchtime, friends and I used to go to the library and play a few games. We weren't very serious about it, and I was less serious than most--I tended to build strange, uncompetitive decks, like one that was completely themed around rats. Eventually, we stopped playing as much, and I sold my collection to another student for enough money to buy a nice harmonica.

So Chocobo Tales reminds me of the game in a couple of ways. First, it's got a card battle system that's a bit like Magic in its simplicity, although without the metagame rule-bending that really made Richard Garfield's invention fun. Second, getting cards is an expensive pain, if you consider time to be money, because it requires you to obsess over a set of minigames that would probably be more fun if you weren't trying them for the 300th time. If it were balanced, Squaresoft would make the value of the cards recieved inversely proportional to the amount of effort required. I'm not sure yet if they've done so, and don't know if I'll bother to try to figure it out.

It's too bad that this is a one-off game, though, because with some more meat it would make a fine central concept for a full title, instead of just a boss challenge. The CCG genre is well-suited to the DS, I think, especially since WiFi is a great environment for it. But to really give depth to the experience, it needs more: more cards, more oddities, and more room for people to build their own unique decks. Maybe someone will port Magic Suitcase or Magic Workstation to the DS homebrew and fill the gap.

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