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July 9, 2007

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Fire Sale

With my contract in limbo, it makes me feel better to sell a few games. Just in case. The capsule reviews are free:

  • Mega Man ZX: It's Mega Man as reinvisioned for a sugary cartoon, with a little bit of Metroid thrown in. Everyone always talks about Mega Man games like they're the bread and butter for the hardcore, but for the most part I end up bullying my way through them based more on hoarded energy tanks than any kind of innate skill. It might be hardcore, but it's not elegantly so.
  • Trauma Center: Now this really is pretty hardcore. It's also fairly well-written, includes some clever scenarios, and makes you feel a little bit better about yourself. My only issue with it is that you cannot leave and come back a few months later, because each illness is treated in very specific ways, and the game will not prompt you after the first time.
  • Resident Evil DS: Not much to say about REDS. This was the first time that I beat the first game, although I'd played about a quarter of the way through the PC port many years ago. It's not RE4, but there's still a lot to enjoy.
  • Brothers in Arms DS: On the one hand, this game is beautifully rendered, well-animated, with lots of cool scenes going on around you the entire time. Very cinematic. On the other hand, it lasts about 3 hours all told, poses no real difficulty at all, and the controls can be a little wonky. I enjoyed it, but I don't know if I could recommend it at full price.
  • Star Trek Tactical Assault: I like this one, but other people didn't. It has its charms. Like Brothers in Arms, if it could play online or with a single-cart download, it would have a lot more going for it.
Everything starts at $5, and the Buy It Now prices are pretty reasonable, I think. Tell your friends.

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