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July 28, 2008

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A Wii Bit More Fit

The greatest advantage of Wii Fit, for me, has been that it kept me going long enough to see some slight amount of progress: I now have an ab. Perhaps one day, I'll be able to pluralize that.

There are many reasons I'm not really into physical fitness programs. I don't like going to gyms. I am not a fan of instructors, choreography, or trainers. I am, I realize now, not really a planner--my style is to lay out a set of bullet-points and then casually work my way toward them.

Wii Fit is not really much of a workout. It rarely causes much cardiovascular stress, and it doesn't force you to do much of anything. But I could get up in the morning, meander through half an hour of exercise, and somehow I'd manage to do 40-50 jackknifes a day, plus motivate myself to lift some weights and occassionally even some push-ups. Again, it's not much of a workout, but it's more than I usually do. Hence the ab, of which I'm very proud, and which turns out to be powerful motivation to do more.

Of course, now the pain really starts. Because Belle has figured out that I haven't given up. And she is a planner. She makes Google calendars to track our progress. She's got three separate programs we're going to do. She's even started a blog for us, Nerds Get Fit, which is exactly what it sounds like. I haven't written there yet, but I'll cross-post this, because she says I get double the crunches if I don't.

If you don't hear from me in the near future, Internet, it is likely because I'm curled up on the Wii Fit board, cradling my sore muscles and remembering the good times we had together.

May 28, 2008

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Won't Fit

Nintendo's going to make a killing on Wii Fit. More of a killing, I mean, than the one they're already making on the Wii itself. Last Friday morning, on my way out of Panera, I stopped by Gamestop to see if they had any of the former in stock, only to find that people were lining up to buy up the newly-arrived shipment of the latter. The place sold $1,000 of game consoles in about 10 minutes.

No, Wii Fit wasn't in stock. Nobody has it. Nobody's going to have it for a very long time. Nintendo can't even get the basic machine onto shelves fast enough, much less a crossover product for it. And I suspect Fit is going to be huge, for two reasons: 1) we're an overweight country, and 2) we like sitting in front of the TV.

I'm no stranger to either of these, of course. I've gained weight since college (although I would argue that it's more that I was undernourished in college), I live a pretty sedentary life, and it's no secret that I enjoy both b-movies and buttonmashing. You have a product that will fix one and satisfy the other? Ah ha! I say, along with every other sedentary television-owner in America. Sign me up!

...if I can find one.

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