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September 13, 2007

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Of Mice and Mines

My article on the Hero Rat program went up this morning over at Ars Technica, drawing heavily on my interview with founder Bart Weetjens, who was nice enough to put up with my mispronunciations of his name and the limitations of a Skype session in Tanzania. Good stuff.

I've sent them a guide on basic PCM audio already (perhaps too basic--I have my doubts as to its necessity, and if they don't take it I won't be insulted), and am roughly 50% done with the article on MP3 for laypeople. I'm grouping these together under the title "The AudioFile" (geddit?) and may add at least one more installment on HD formats to round the series out.

Also for Ars, next week I'll be covering the Future of Music Conference over at GWU (conveniently, only a few blocks from the Bank) and a Pandora Internet Radio meetup, which should be interesting. After that, I guess I'll have to start thinking of new articles.

Elsewhere in employment, I finished the second interview for a new full-time position with a news organization today, so I might finally be leaving WBI. Which I will miss, but will also be kind of nice: I'm getting a little tired of telling people "Real soon now!" when they ask when I'm leaving.

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