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January 7, 2009

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Next Week: Taco Bell Not Actually Mexican

Shorter Washington Post:

Have you ever been to an Asian supermarket? We hadn't! They sell all kinds of different food there, which is not like real American food at all. Apparently it is from wacky countries that are far away from us--and it could be infested with poisonous bacteria. Awesome!
Perhaps I'm reading too much into this, but it might say something about the composition of the newsroom--or who the Post thinks buys its papers--when the story itself says that these stores are in neightborhoods where Asian Americans make up 20-40% of the population, half the store's customer base is not East Asian in descent but also includes South Asians, Latin Americans, the mildly inquisitive, and the poor (thus including everyone except wealthy, sheltered white people)... and yet an article that's basically a catalog of the shelves was still considered "newsworthy" instead of "familiar."

But hey, it's the Internet that's killing journalism, right?

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