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November 21, 2007

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Electric Slide

If you can't get enough of the luxurious sound of my voice (and honestly: who can't?), feel free to browse to CQ Politics today and see "The Tinseltown Sleaze Treatment," located in tab 3 of the home page (you can also click here for a direct link). This is the first multimedia slideshow ever made for CQ, on either the paid site or the free version, so while it is not terribly impressive on its own, it is a small step toward more elaborate productions.

Also: My review of the Blue Snowball USB Microphone has been posted to the hardware journal at Ars. I also shipped them an optional MP3 review, because I think it's helpful to actually hear the sound of the microphone, but at this time it looks like they opted not to use it. Since I suffer no such compunctions, you can listen to my review by clicking here.

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