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September 12, 2006

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In Sound, September 2006

File under self-promotion: because a large portion of my work at the World Bank Institute has moved over to audio production, I've added a section to my portfolio for audio. It includes a podcast and the musical intros I posted a few days back, but also a radio show that I produced which will be broadcast by satellite to all of Africa. I'm currently involved in another of those radio programs, albeit more as an engineer, and I'll be doing production on the video tutorials for the GDLN's new Event Management System. It's been very busy lately.

When I left college, I wanted to go work for NPR. Of course, I was naive and hadn't had time to build an audio portfolio, so I got no response to my inquiries. My hope is that after this year's contract with the World Bank, I'll have a collection of writing and audio that will let me move into full-time journalism in print or on the radio--probably not at the level of NPR, but higher than freelance on the food chain.

On the other hand, my division manager wandered by the other day. She's a short, pleasantly blunt German. "How's business?" she asked, and I allowed that business might be fine. "I keep hearing your voice on things," she said, adding "It sounds good. We can't allow you to leave here." I think she was joking.

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