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October 11, 2006

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The Power of the Gerund

I did this on once, before I had a blog and I would just change the front page randomly. I think it was inspired by an old post at Emma Story's blog. It's better than just saying "I'm busy."

Last week and the next, I am:

  • Composing: but not for myself. Three videos will be produced for the GDLN world forum, and they need music similar to the theme I've already made for background. Note to budding Spielbergs: do not tell your music director that you need "fast," "slow," and "really fast." music. It tends to be unhelpful.
  • Planning: for National Novel Writing Month. Will anything actually get written? Hard to say. But it's nice to have plans.
  • Reading: Righteous by Lauren Sandler and The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. I've been on a bit of a dominionist kick lately, and I'm going to try to see Jesus Camp this weekend if work allows.
  • Watching: Night Stalker, the remake of the 70's cult classic that starred Darrin McGavin--a.k.a. The Old Man. It's a bit of an X-Files ripoff, and I think I'll actually have something to say about that shortly. Of course, Galactica is back for the third season, and it's every bit as good as you'd expect. I will definitely have things to say about it.
  • Walking: the dog. He has turned into a pretty good puppy after all. The cat's trouble, but charming trouble.
  • Playing: The Secret of Monkey Island using PocketSCUMM. It's easier than I remember, and wittier although not as funny, if that makes any sense. Rocket Slime is on the way from Amazon at some point, but frankly I've had no real gaming time lately.
  • Working: overtime. All this weekend, and probably much of next week while the World Forum finishes. There's a lot of voiceovers to be done, and B-SPAN is picking up. Just don't tell my boss: I haven't technically asked to come in after hours, not that it's ever stopped me before.

Updates as events warrant.

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