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July 7, 2006

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Count My Blessings

More than a year now, I've been writing here. I still couldn't tell you why. But I remember thinking that at some point I'd want to use it as a way to chart my obsessive cycles. I haven't quite figured out how to gather that information from the filesystem, but I have managed to create a category count, so at least we can see where I'm focusing my time.

Here's a handy visual guide:

Obviously, this doesn't tell us actually how much text I've written for each category (although I could measure that by kB if I needed to), and if we looked at it that way the slice for Random entries would be far smaller. But I do think it's interesting to see how I spend 1/5 of my time writing about music, almost as much about games, and almost 1/10 each on fiction, the World Bank, and the medium itself.

I also think it's interesting to look at this and think about how much the categories actually overlap. After all, a significant number of those gaming posts are actually linked to music (at least 11 of them, by the extended count), and it wouldn't surprise me to find other ways that the categories are really just a starting point for organization. A lot like my desk, this is a messy system. I think that's one of the reasons I like it.

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