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August 11, 2005

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Editorial Correction (first in a hopefully short series)

When I went on my first job-interview blitz, right before I graduated from college, I had one interviewer ask me the difference between a degree in communication and one in linguistics. I tried for about five minutes to explain, using all kinds of metaphors and examples, but I'm not sure the point ever made it across. I'm not going to try again. If you are confused, trust me. They are very different fields.

In any case, I absolutely do not have a degree in linguistics, and although I mumble my way through a couple of different languages, that doesn't necessarily make me any kind of expert. Example: in a previous post, I referred jokingly to as "incorrectly spelled." The site's developer (Paul Roub) has written a quick post, in which he refers me to this unbelievable smackdown by an actual Ph.D. in Linguistics, detailing why the spelling "mic" is an abomination before god and country.

Wow. As is only right and proper, I acknowledge my mistake--open mike it is.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go spend some quality time with my AP Stylebook. I'm feeling a little faint.

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