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January 29, 2009

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Fun with Stats, January 2009 Edition

In which I read through the least-common search phrases for this site, extract the noise from the signal, and then gripe about it.

  • herpes triangle clarendon: This is the best suburb nickname ever. "Doing anything this weekend?" "Oh, you know. Just heading out to the Herpes Triangle, see what I catch."
  • new invention of computer: Also "new invention of computer in 2008," because surprisingly the initial query was a little too general.
  • there s this movie about these little gigo soldiers against this monster toy: Aliens? Lord of the Rings? ...Mansquito?
  • gay movie if you re still interested in this job you should drop by my agence tomorrow.: I swear, people, I do not make these things up. There's probably a Mansquito 2 joke in there somewhere, though.
  • blackberry pin exchange myers-briggs: That probably makes you an extravert. But that's just an intuitive feeling I've got, and could be too judgemental.
  • weirdo to trigger the subjunctive in french: An Onion headline waiting to happen.
  • tom friedman painted silver dead rabbit sugar cube: Try to imagine the circumstances that led to this being typed into a search engine. Either Matt Taibbi's off his meds again, it's the worst Eyes Wide Shut deleted scene ever, or some newspaper research intern is getting way overzealous while writing obituaries.

True fact: the top search phrase (not individual keyword, but actual phrase) for is "music"--just the single word, all by itself. This strikes me as a terrific act of faith. I can only imagine the disappointment of the 325 people who typed that into Google and ended up here as a result.

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