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May 22, 2008

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Fun with Stats, May 2008 Edition

Oddly enough, all of my old "Fun with Webalizer" posts seem to have vanished during the site transition. I'm guessing that they got caught in a filter when I tried to exclude the site logs. So once again, here's the best single search phrases that brought people to the site this month.

  • how do bands and songwriters decide who gets paid what: TWO MUSICIANS ENTER. ONE ROYALTY LEAVES.
  • search: The recursion makes my head hurt.
  • are video games good for you?: There's a lot of variations on this, actually. I wonder if it's an election year thing, or the release of GTA IV that's spawned it?
  • the lofi loop junky i love the preamp: Either they're quoting a review, or they just wanted the world to know.
  • how do i know if i m buying a real rickenbacker?: Does it say Rickenbacker on it? Because the company has pretty much sued all the counterfeits out of business.
  • charlize faron actress: Ah, yes. I remember Charlize Faron. I believe she was in "The Bevel's Advocate" and "The Italian Chob."
  • all songs of tinarie van wyk-loots: Wait, she sings too? Is there anything Tinarie van Wyk-Loots can't do?
  • what is a canonized mile: It's a walk that's good for the soles. ba-dum-bum.
  • president mckinley sitting on a goat: Your guess is as good as mine. At least it's not Taft on a goat, I guess. That would just be cruel.
Pretty weak bunch this month, Internet. I expect better from you next time.

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