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August 27, 2008

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Fun with Stats, August 2008 Edition

Last refuge of the desparate, you know.

  • possible to get superpowers: No?
  • http // Yes?
  • ak47 sibilance: I can't say that I ever thought the problem with automatic weapons was the lisp.
  • how do you remove harshness from music: Speaking generally, you get rid of Bob Dylan.
  • jurassic park fanfiction complete erotic: "Hello, sailor," growled the velociraptor.
  • dreamweaver myspace layout: I have looked into the abyss AND IT HAS LOOKED BACK. WITH BLINK TAGS ON.
  • rofl: lol.
  • killer lords and rusty truck: This is a post-apocalyptic B-movie just waiting to happen.
  • cort curbow bass strings: There's no putting lipstick on that pig, buddy.
  • audacity chiptunes: Or that one.
  • wear dog: PETA is not going to be happy about it, that's for sure. Not that they're usually happy about anything.
  • why is the reporter in aeon flux naked?: Because there had to be something worth watching in that whole mess.

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