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November 15, 2006

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Bootleg Billy

Courtesy of Dan in unrelated comments, NPR recorded the Black Keys show that Belle took me to for my birthday, and a blogger has broken it into discrete songs here. There seem to be a few volume jogs in the files--I'm not sure if they were there in NPR's original recordings, but at one point the sound dips for a few seconds in "ThickFreakness"--but it was a great show and this is a good (legal) way to check them out. Note the copious (sometimes overwhelming) use of feedback--these guys play loud.

I guess relatively few people have actually heard of the Black Keys. When Belle picked up the tickets, she said that she actually thought they were an older band from the recordings I'd played. It's true that they're a bit retro blues-rock. You should check them out anyway. You will like them. Or maybe you could just pretend to keep me happy.

In other pet band news, Clatter is taking pre-orders for their new CD, titled Monarch. It has a cover of Rush's "Limelight," which will be fun for anyone who still thinks "Anthem changed my life, man," but the previews sound quite good--if a bit different from the Blinded By Vision album.

All makes me want to break out the fuzz pedal and do some recording tonight.

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