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April 2, 2007

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Strange Desire

They say you can't appreciate some bands until you see them live. It's news to me. But from the Black Keys website, I found Fab Channel, which has collected an alarming number of live concerts in full, including the Keys:

You might also be interested in a few other shows they've got there:

  • Bloc Party - I've always liked "This Modern Love" since I heard Final Fantasy cover it, although I could pretty much take or leave everything else.
  • Living Colour - These guys are underrated.
  • Marcus Miller - One of the great bass players. There's a smoking cover of "Power of Soul" there.
  • Nada Surf - "I'm popular..."
  • Spoon - I watched most of this one, and the keyboard player spends more time adjusting his sound than actually playing.
  • The Arcade Fire - Despite the popular buzz, I'm pretty sure this band is just not very good. But plenty of people disagree with me.
  • The Pipettes - Just for Dan.

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