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January 25, 2006

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No Guitars Allowed

One of my favorite bands, Clatter, has updated their website. It's a beautiful design, based around images from their farm in Missouri. You should check them out, if you haven't before. The band is composed of two married musicians, Amy (bass, vocals) and Joe (percussion). They're fantastically talented musicians who support each other well onstage.

Clatter has been a real inspiration to me. I picked up a lot of unconventional techniques from Amy, including fingernail strumming, which is a big part of my sound. Most importantly, Clatter is a two-person band that doesn't suck, and there are no guitars. Most solo bassists play jazz (Michael Manring) or crazy pyrotechnique stunts (Vic Wooten), which is great if you're into that kind of thing. Unfortunately, I'm not. Amy's bass playing isn't flashy, but it's solid and it rocks out. It really helped to have that as a model when I was forming the concept for my solo stuff.

And they made it okay to use a ton of distortion. I'd kill to have her amp setup--an SWR with 8x8 cab for the clean sounds, plus a Super Redhead just for effects and a Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier guitar amp set to obliterate for distortion.

There's a CD, which is great for bassists and non-musicians alike, and a DVD, which is oddly mixed but a lot of fun. I think you should buy them.

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