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April 11, 2006

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The Last Post of the Day

That's it! Thank you, you've been a wonderful audience! Good night!

Roars of applause, whistles, chanting, and much stomping of feet. Some time passes.

UPDATE: Thank you! Gosh, okay! Thank you! A few more paragraphs...

This is a post about encores.

I was watching my Clatter DVD last night, because I like to steal techniques from Amy, and something caught my attention. At the end of the show, Amy and Joe waved goodnight and walked off stage, with one song unplayed on their album. Sure enough, when the audience went nuts, they came back out and played "Left Out" for everyone. This was a pre-arranged show expressly for the purpose of taping the DVD--fans came from all over to support them. If you've bought the Clatter DVD at this point, you're probably already a fan, if you don't know them personally since they're such friendly people. Why the charade?

I don't know how long it's been the convention to have a mandatory encore song or three after the show ends, but I wish it would go away. For one thing, I don't want to put up with 10 minutes of loud clapping, yelling, and whistling from every moron in the audience just so the music can continue. It's also a little insulting, frankly: we all know that the band's going to come out and play some more. Why wrap it up into a ritual of hero-worship and hormonal over-enthusiasm? Why do we have to beg for it?

I mean, we're all at least trying to be adults, right? Is it too much to ask that someone plays some music, finishes a satisfying show, and then we all go home without the obligatory pretend walkoff?

It'll be a dark day for us all if I ever reach the level of musical fame required, but I promise now: should that time come, when I leave the stage, I'm not coming back.

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