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June 12, 2005

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A Tiny Monkey Might Work

Does anyone else have this problem? At home, I have a collection of (ahem) illicit music files, some of which are duplicates that I either own or could obtain through fair use, some of which are "research for covers" (justification rocks!). In order to get them to some level of consistent volume, I'm forced to run a pretty heavy compression plugin through my mp3 software. This morning, though, I threw a bunch of new songs onto the iPaq for the Metro ride, and realized yet again that controlling the volume between the Pillows and the Pixies, for example, is just enough of a distraction to pull me completely out of the groove.

I recognize that we don't necessarily want to hand people more ways to mess up their music (don't get me started on equalizer abuse), but are mp3 rippers this inconsistent? Or is this another indication of increasing compression and degraded dynamics in music as time goes by?

Perhaps I need to switch to a more sophisticated Win CE music player. The problem, as I see it, is that the free ones are typical open-source mid-completion, and Microsoft is reserving WMP10 for native devices only--no upgrade available. If only I could find a display model with what I want and Bluetooth installed...

Title via the Monkey Explains It All guide to guitar effects.

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