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October 7, 2006

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Sing Me Spanish Techno

GDLN World Forum Soundtrack, Take 1

As I said, I had to compose some soundtrack music for the GDLN World Forum this weekend. The only guidance I got was that one of them needed to be a techno remix, and the other needed to be more calm. They also needed a transition between the two. I'm no Fatboy Slim, but I think the results sound pretty good, and it's surprisingly fun doing this kind of grid-based music in Pro Tools.

Everything was created using the XPand! softsynth, including the techno breakbeats--I can't take credit for those, unfortunately, but it's not like most house composers waste a lot of time on their beats, and I was actually trying to get as close to the Amen Break as possible. I'm thinking about adding some audio samples if I have time on Monday. I'd like to get my coworkers to come in, say a few phrases in different languages, and then chop those up on top of the second half.

Future - Present - Past