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September 10, 2006

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World Music: Outcome

After a little departmental and internal drama, I've pretty much finished the regional jingles for the GDLN World Forum. These will be played as introductions for the various speakers and visiting participants. Basically, I went with a common organ/drum pad that resolves to C major over four chords, then added a melody line played by a different instrument for each region. In the overall conference theme, the instruments will trade off with the melody--I'm still working on doing that gracefully. Considering that almost everything was written in Pro Tools on the XPand! software synth, I think it sounds pretty good. Here's three samples:

Kalimba (Africa)
Guitar (Latin America & Caribbean)
Sitar (South Asia)

The drum loop was actually lifted from the Soundtrack Pro sample library, and then I split it into two parts. One part had the treble dropped, to accent the thud. The other part mixes in a ring modulator set at a fairly low frequency, which creates those mechanical "hoots" and a little bit of a noise pad. It keeps it from sounding too clean or rock n' roll.

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