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February 27, 2006

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Musical Sketchpad, Session One

Download here.

Every now and then I'm going to start putting up these little samples of music, just a song or two, for criticism or just for my own satisfaction. They'll often be covers that I like particularly, or maybe an original in progress. This time, you're hearing a cover of the Black Keys' "10am Automatic," although it's not quite accurate because I can never remember the second verse. Two things to notice about this song:

  1. I've started using Cubase to record these, because it's more reliable and offers native VST plugin support. Audacity's plugin support has always been a weak point for me, and you can hear why: the reverb and distortion plugins make this clip sound so much more professional and interesting than I was capable of before.
  2. I can't improvise a solo to save my life. Got to work on that.

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