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April 10, 2006

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Musical Sketchpad, Session Four

Baby I'm bad news.

This is the cover of Portions for Foxes that I recorded last week. Here are some of the reasons it's not very good:

  • The bass isn't high enough. I tried recording two tracks for this song, one direct from the pedal and another recorded from a microphone in front of my bass amp. The result is a very trebly bass sound, and the looped bassline that drives the song is very low. If you have the ability to boost the bass on your speakers, you may enjoy this more. With a graphic EQ, boost around 100-200Hz. I'll be fixing this tonight--it's relatively simple.
  • It's at the very top of my vocal range. This isn't the best place for me to be.
  • It required overdubs. I still can't sing and perform this at the same time as well as I'd like to do. This will be remedied by more practice, but it always bothers me to record music that I can't technically perform yet.
  • Even with overdubs, my rhythm is suspect. You'll hear around 3 minutes, where I start do do a more complicated chordal part on the G and D strings, that I can't quite keep it on the beat for the lower chord, which is a Dm6 double stop instead of the power chords or inverted triads I play most of the time.
Even with all that said, I think this is still presentable enough that I learned from it, which is the point of the sketchpads. I'm not ashamed for other people to hear it. One of the compliments I received from another bassist on these songs is that even though they're very rough, he can hear the attitude and the intensity that I'm trying to sing through them. I hope that's the case here.

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