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August 26, 2006

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Musical Sketchpad, Session Nine

If I can call you Betty, Betty you can call me "Mastermind"

A month later, and I've finally gotten around to writing some lyrics for this song. This is what David Byrne would call a "monster" version--the lyrics aren't completely set, the recording quality is up and down, and there's still work to be done to make it gel. But I think this is finally starting to go from riff to song. Next month I'll try to have a final version, as well as a final recording of "Strange Chemistry" and a re-written version of an older song, bringing my total of originals to seven.

This sketchpad was also done completely virtually, by hooking my Phrazor VST effects rig into Ableton Live Lite and recording from there. Ableton's not my perfect DAW, but it lets me record post-effects, and Cubase LE won't, so for now it's all I've got. The quality is different from recording through my physical pedals, and I'm not sure if it's actually better yet. The distortion is too soft--I overreacted to the treble I heard in my good phones. Something I'd like to try is to record just the clean audio with the midi messages from my controller, letting me tweak effects or maybe even correct faulty presses after the fact.

I dig the bass synth at the end. If I can think of a structural change I want to make, it mainly has to do with transitioning between verse to chorus and back--too abrupt.

Future - Present - Past