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July 2, 2006

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A Circle of Learning

Every few months, I listen to a bunch of other people's music while twiddling knobs on the Bass Effects Rig of Doom, and I think to myself, "you know, I probably don't need to have the distortion pedal set at 'Chernobyl' all the time. In fact, I really like that smoother, bluesier sound I could get with a lower gain."

Then I listen to my recordings the next day (because of course I'm the kind of person who obsessively listens to their own recordings) and I wonder why the treble sounds so muted. And I realize that the reason I was originally using the Face-Melting Fuzz setting in the first place was because otherwise it requires me to dig in way too hard to get a good sharp attack out of the notes. So I crank the gain back up, and enjoy the softer touch.

Then a few months later, I'm listening to some other music...

Future - Present - Past