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January 31, 2006

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Buyer's Remorse

Just some quick notes about basses that I've thought were interesting lately:

  • Cort is shipping my faulty Cort Curbow 4 back to me, at which point it will immediately go on either Craigslist or eBay, depending on my mood. They weren't willing to trade me for a different (working) model. I had a great conversation with Dan, the helpful but distracted tech support guy about it: "Well," he said, "You need to go to Guitar Center or wherever to ask them about a refund." "I did," I said. "The problem is that I got it straight from Curbow, and they won't honor the refund." "They won't?" "No." "...oh." "Yeah."
  • Eastwood Guitars is selling reproductions of classic-but-discontinued instruments, including the Airline guitars that Sears sold, which nowadays are best known for being Jack White's main axe. If you scroll down on the left, they make bass versions, and it looks like they've also got a copy of the Gretsch Broadkaster, one of the most amazing basses I've ever played. It's a third of the price, so I wonder how it sounds.
  • Speaking of Gretsch, they've also announced another bass that turns me green with envy, the Jupiter Thunderbird. I dig the pickups and the body style. Too bad it's going to retail for something like $2,500, which is not something I can really justify.
  • On the other hand, Line 6 has apparently decided that they can't justify making bass guitars any longer, so they're unloading their Variax 700 instruments at $500. These are the basses that use Pod-like technology to model 24 other basses. People seem to be split on whether or not it's actually a good imitation or not, but for the price it is hard to say that it matters. The downside to the Variax is that they go through batteries very quickly, although you can power them from a wall wart hooked up to the included DI. That sounds like a lot of hassle live, but maybe it's just my distaste for adding power adapters talking--I used to use a pedalboard that ran off the wall, and it was a constant worry to make sure I was close enough to a socket and the cable wouldn't come loose. Anyway, for studio work, the Line 6 is supposed to be very nice--no 60-cycle hum!

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