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January 31, 2007

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Sometimes the Pro Isn't

In general, I think I've been more than fair to Digidesign, the people behind Pro Tools. I like their software, and I put up with its little oddities. But the upgrade process--that's got to improve, guys.

We ordered an upgrade to Pro Tools 7.3 a while back, since the Bank's 002 Factory rig came in just slightly before the upgrade grace period. After it managed to make its way from the distributor, through the security screening, and up to our office, I went to install it on the rig but found that they had sent us disks for 7.1.1 instead. A little piqued, I called them up to figure out the problem.

There are no disks for 7.3, said the distributor. You have to register the old upgrade, and then they'll send you an e-mail qualifying you for the new version, including the download link and registration key. They can't even send us a physical copy for our backups--I had to burn it from the web installer onto a CD-R myself. Classy.

I don't know who is more annoying here: Digi for putting a major distributor in this situation, or the distributor for failing to let us know about any of this when we placed the order.

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