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June 28, 2006

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Myspace is Terrible: On the Way to Manassas

Thomas: So I got a couple of new friends today on the Myspace page.

Belle: I saw that!

Thomas: But you know the worst part? I have yet to see anyone with a page that isn't absolutely hideous.

Belle: Yeah, like mine.

Thomas: Well, yours at least looks somewhat coordinated. But most people, it's like the Internet threw up.

Belle: Actually, you know what it's really like? Remember back when the Internet first got started? All the neon fonts and garish background images and huge titles?

Thomas: Oh no! You're right! When we all had blinking green text on orange backgrounds. I had a scrolling Bad Joke of the Day with the matinee tag, and embedded midi music.

Belle: Exactly. MySpace is the Web from 1992, but more annoying. Because at least we had the excuse that no-one knew what they were doing yet.

Thomas: It's a whole new wave of people discovering animated gifs and Java reflecting pools.

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