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July 7, 2005

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Can't Buy Me Love

  • I had to go the other day and get my deposit back, since my Rickenbacker showed no signs of materializing. If you plan on doing business with Classic Axe guitars of Manassas, Virginia, I'd urge you to reconsider. The owner is a nice guy, but he won't do anything for you if the order is late and he's terrible about keeping in touch. I never even got a status update. I've had better service at Guitar Center.
  • Instead, I'm trying to find a low-cost alternative, or considering building my next instrument myself. On the other hand, the Motorbass looks perfect for me. I only use one pickup on my J-bass anyway, and I love the sound of a single-coil.
  • Speaking of basses, using part of the deposit I picked up a Roland Micro Cube amp a couple days ago. Condensed review: very nice. It's not targeted at bassists, but the low-end response is pretty good, it's loud, it runs on batteries or wall-wart power, and there's built-in effects (delay, distortion, and modulation). All I need now is a battery-powered drum machine to start my hard rock busking career.

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