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March 9, 2009

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Good Reads

I keep adding "New Protest" feeds to my reader, in the hopes of eventually studying the topic for a graduate degree. Here's a few of the interesting blogs on the topic that I've found lately, although the list is always growing.

  • Afrigadget: Covers all kinds of inventions and clever hacks across Africa.
  • Afromusing: Juliana Rotich is a Kenyan working for Ushahidi who writes about tech, conflict, and environmental issues.
  • Daily EM: Notes on censorship, cyberwar, and open society from Evgeny Morozov.
  • Global Guerrillas: I still think John Robb may be slightly crazy, but it's usually interesting reading. Stay away from the comments.
  • International Values and Communications Technologies: A blog by the Yahoo! Fellows at Georgetown. Ranges from development to protest to censorship.
  • ICT for Peacebuilding: Sanjana Hattotuwa comments on conflict management and organizing, often focusing on Sri Lanka.
  • iRevolution: Graduate student Patrick Meier studies conflict and ICT at Tufts University. He's working on a dissertation on the impact of information technology under authoritarian governments.
  • Magical Nihilism: Ex-Nokia designer and futurist Matt Jones.
  • MobileActive: "A resource for activists using mobile technology worldwide."
  • Open the Future: Worldchanging's Jamais Cascio.
  • RConversation: Rebecca MacKinnon is an Open Society Fellow and former CNN journalist who focuses on China's Internet censorship, and the ways that activists attempt to circumvent it.
  • Smart Mobs: From the book of the same name.

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