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May 25, 2007

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Fabulous Links Were Revealed To Me

Now I have the He-Man intro speech stuck in my head. Thanks, Dan.

  • The Guitar Zeros are a band that plays rock music using Guitar Hero controllers hooked up to a synth instead of guitars. Which kind of adds a new layer to the whole "why don't you learn to play a real instrument instead?" question.
  • For $250, you can get a tiny Linux-based computer called the Zonbox. It would be a great live musical tool--if it didn't run Linux, which is just not a viable audio platform as far as I'm concerned, for a variety of reasons: poor driver support for pro-level interfaces, limited plugin variety, almost no MIDI support, and an audio infrastructure that's a usability nightmare. Maybe in a few more years, but I have my doubts.
  • Slate asked several award-winning writers what font they prefer. Most of them say Courier New, because they either learned on typewriters or wanted to learn on typewriters. Luckily, nobody says Comic Sans. I write everything in Notepad, personally, and so the font is usually either Lucida Console or Tahoma, but I specifically write in Notepad so that I won't have any options to distract me. When I work on this site, it's all in a terminal window, so I guess that's Courier. How about you?
  • You can hear one of the IFC podcasts that I edited on the World Bank's Private Sector Development blog, here. I think it's the one that the interviewer conducted over Skype, so the audio quality is not fantastic.

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