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August 3, 2005

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Link dump, August

Boy, do I feel lazy.

  • The Skeptic's Circle, with Harry Potter theme. Well, nothing's perfect.
  • The Carnival of Gamers, #5. My bit on perfect games is on here. It seems a little small this time--I'm hoping the next monthly installment is more impressive. But you know, the summer is bad for games, both as new releases and in the general atmosphere.
  • Flying Cats make me smile. Set it to a 1-second delay and just sit back to watch.
  • I'll have more on this later, after I finish working on some fiction. In the meantime, someone needs to sit in a corner and think deeply about their misappropriation of Orwell.
  • Kung Fu Monkey speaks truth on evolution and the presidency.
Actual original thought on the way. It's been a busy week on my social calendar.

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