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May 13, 2009

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Link of May

Sometimes the puns don't come easy, you know.

  • The interesting implication of captcha on routers isn't that most people's security habits are poor. It's that, as everything in the home gets smarter, vulnerabilities multiply in odd places. I had no idea that some malware was using a browser exploit to inject bad DNS entries into home routers, but I'm really kind of impressed by it.
  • Matt Taibbi meditates on aging and Friedman.
  • Is new media an elite forum? And is it best used simply to bootstrap narratives into the traditional media?
  • The Griefer Future, continued: Russian hackers have pioneered ransomware, which holds your computer hostange until you pay a ransom via SMS message.
  • The Gecko netbook runs on 8 rechargeable AA batteries. Is this the solution to my laptop battery complaints? Surely there are hidden pitfalls to something like this--it seems too good to be true.
  • I'm two years late on Ikea Hacker. Which is too bad, since its advice applies to pretty much all our furniture.
  • The Center for Global Development has a post about using mobile phones to monitor pandemic flu.

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