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September 6, 2007

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Linky brunettes with wicked jaws

I've had that line from The Thin Man going through my head for days. Great movie.

  • SoS reports that Korg has recently sold its 20 millionth electronic tuner. Doesn't surprise me a bit. Every musician I know has at least one Korg tuner, usually something like the CA-30. They're small and cheap, they work well, and they last forever on a pair of AAAs. Cockroaches of the music world.
  • This is probably one of those things that you should never bring up on the Internet, plus it's very old, but author David Brin's commentary on the fascism of Star Wars is pretty great, in a very nerdy kind of way.
  • Also from Salon, but much more recent, I thought that this article on Guitar Hero as a gateway drug to real instruments was interesting. In my limited experience, musicians react in all kinds of ways to the game--some with disdain, others with amusement. I think it's a fantastic stress reliever, myself, and one that does (to some extent) use the same reflexes as the real thing. I'm sure that much of my GH skills are owed to my real-life bass playing. And I do think that it can serve as a goad toward learning to play the real instrument--as well as a buffer against frustration, because learning to play a real guitar can be a slow and painful process.
  • In other musical news, the Tenori-On was released a couple of days ago. Designed by Toshio Iwai, the man behind Electroplankton, and manufactured by Yamaha, it's a pretty cool little groovebox. CDM put up a great set of pictures, videos and impressions. In turn, I have a journal post up at Ars about it here.
  • Television site TiFaux has been doing profiles of their most personable commenters. One of them is John Walker, whom gamers probably know better from Eurogamer and the newly-launched Rock, Paper, Shotgun. I am really uncomfortable with different parts of my blogroll mingling this way. What's next? Music Thing contributes political commentary to First Draft? Brad Delong starts leaving troll comments about the Wii on Joystiq? Members of the bass forum appear in Warren Ellis's infamous don't-look-my-eyes-they-bleed links? If the latter, I may weep openly.
  • For the last week or so, I've been reading from Raymond Chen's blog The Old New Thing. Chen is a programmer for Microsoft who specializes in backwards-compatibility. It's really kind of fascinating. Very few companies do as much as the Redmond giant to make old software work on new hardware. New software on old hardware, not always so much. But it's a start.

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