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September 8, 2008

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Party of Linkin'

Unsurprisingly, political conventions are apparently very boring places.

  • Adbusters has a short examination of hipsters as a demographic. It calls the movement "the end of Western civilization - a culture lost in the superficiality of the past and unable to create any new meaning." Ouch.
  • The mythology of Guns 'n Roses, excerpted.
  • The Futility of Flogging Your Own Music to People You Don't Know Very Well - Theoretically about the difficulties of selling music in a post-filesharing world, it's just as much about what music is "worth," what we value, and why people should play in the first place.
  • Before I left for the convention, and now that I'm back, I was playing Mass Effect--which, you may remember had a short-lived media scuffle over an optional sex scene. I don't have a problem with that. There's no reason that the storyline shouldn't have romantic elements--or indeed, that they shouldn't be preferable to, say, the tedious vehicle segments of the game. What I do find objectionable is the terrible way in which it leads up to said romance. There's nothing enjoyable about stiff, awkward flirting that takes place only during the designated between-mission dialogs, and vanishes during actual gameplay. It's the bloodless digital equivalent of watching You've Got Mail, except you're forced to direct. Less of this, please.
  • Audio Technology magazine (which I've never heard of--they're Australian) visited the Behringer factory in China and produced a short, thoughtfully-narrated video tour of their experiences. Behringer, as most musicians know, is primarily famous for their tendency to blatantly rip off designs from other companies, to the point that they were sued by Mackie (Behringer settled out of court). The magazine is cautiously impressed by the facility. Perhaps its ambiguity is best summed up by the author after speaking with the company founder about their mission:
    "It's all about feature sets and value-for-money propositions. There is no Behringer sound, nothing in the Behringer DNA that makes it different. There never has been. ... It's all about putting professionally featured products into the hands of people who previously had no ability to afford it."
  • I am aware of all your Internet traditions: John McCain gets Barackrolled. When I saw the blue/green backgrounds they'd put behind his speech, I knew it was only a matter of time before someone did something like this.
  • Gregg Easterbrook reviews Tom Friedman. Good move, Slate. Get a man who knows nothing about science to review a book about climate change by a man who knows nothing about anything. It's the event horizon of journalistic stupidity, beyond which there is only the unblinking eye of madness.

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