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August 8, 2008

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Takes an array of uninsightfulCommentary objects as its main argument, may throw fleeingReaderError. Which is about par for the course around here.

  • There's only so much I'm personally willing to beat up on singularitarians. But I thought this post on the impact that Vinge's bastard child has had on science fiction was interesting, as well as this protest against it. A more interesting question is the one posed to Iain Banks in an interview a while back: why so little SF/F without wars and violence?
  • The LibraryThing Unsuggester takes as input a book you've enjoyed, and spits back a bunch that you almost certainly won't. Topping my list is The Purpose-driven Life.
  • People actually have GameFAQs entries for Wii Fit? Why? I love that there's a cheats page too, but it should just contain an ad for pints of Ben and Jerry's.
  • Today is 808 day. Music Thing thinks you should celebrate the greatest drum machine ever made.
  • Last month's Webalizer stats weren't very interesting. But one search term caught my eye: "you are so smarty -notpron". Wait a second--A) what search engine offers a -notpron tag? And B) Was it really necessary when searching for "you are so smarty"?
  • I know Corvus isn't a big fan of BSG, but TiFaux's run a couple of posts on women in television with a great entry on the Women of Battlestar Galactica. The show has issues with gender sometimes, depending on the writer from episode to episode, but I'd also rank Laura Roslin up there with the great female television characters of all time.
  • Belle had never seen Batman Begins, so after I came home from seeing The Dark Knight we added it to the Netflix queue. What's striking now is just how much more comicky it is compared to TDK--after all, Begins features ninjas, lots of focus on bat-gadgets, and a superweapon straight out of Buck Rogers. That's all well and good, and I liked Begins. But Dark Knight is better--strikingly so--for its refusal to use those crutches, and instead concentrate on the bizarre psychology of the Batman and his proto-fascist vigilantism.
  • I've been spending a lot of time buried in Flash/Flex lately, and it's not likely to get much better. So it could just be personal myopia, but I found Google engineer Steve Yegge's talk on the rise of dynamic languages eye-opening. Most of what he says is about Javascript, but it applies to Actionscript as well--how scripting languages are overdue for their revolution. His comments on Execution in the Kingdom of Nouns, about Java's hateful tendency to wrap everything in objects, also goes a long way to explain things I never liked about the language, but couldn't quite put my finger on.

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