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April 2, 2007

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Pretty As Homemade Sin

Developing photographer (and unfailing commenter) Lucretius wants more exposure. Ha! See what I did there? But seriously, Lucretius asked a week or so ago if I would help highlight his artwork, and I'm more than happy to do so. Here's his introductory statement:

My media is Digital Photography and Digital Image Editing. I chose this form simply because I do not like my drawing or other forms of art that require manual dexterity. I'm simply not good at it and cannot even draw a straight line. My drawings are childish, and not in that quaint, adorable way. More like the sad, man-child way that earns the wrong kind of "awww's." Only gets worse when I add paint and color. I find photography to be forgiving to the artists with a flair for mistakes, as I am. Photoshop is even more forgiving, allowing me to ruin an image entirely, yet still trace my steps back.

Early on, I started with, and often return to, the ever-popular form of digital art known as clones. From photo-shoot to Photoshop, you must have a substantial amount of control over what happens in the image. It can be hard and tiring, but it's worth the work once an image is completed. At the same time, I'm usually much more intrigued by side projects/series and other miscellanea, such as my recent series "His Last Few Papers," or my penchant for ghosts. Those are similar to the clones, yet much more satisfying and, to me, eye catching. In fact, I'm planning a new project based on the ghosts of inanimate objects.

Artists have a multitude of subjects with which to work. The world is full of things to draw, write, and sing about. And yet here I am taking self-portrait after self-portrait. For me, this is the purest form of art, because it's the most literal form of self-expression, and my most direct connection to the audience. I'm much more comfortable when that connection is made through myself, rather through something or someone else.

Be sure to check out those links to his portfolio. I think these are really very cool images that showcase a lot of potential, and I don't just say that to flatter a reader. Two of my favorites are here and here.

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