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February 12, 2008

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We Don't Link to Ravenholm...

It never fails: the undead show up, and invariably the property values plummet.

  • I have a short article in The Escapist this week: Anomalous Materials: Half-Life and Science. It's pretty nerdy. But it was fun to write.
  • Josh's slow-loading link section today includes this Wired editorial on Ron Paul (with the amusing slug "st_ronpaul"). It's the usual lament: why does it have to be the fringe candidate who understands the Internet? But personally, I think he's got it backwards. Ron Paul's campaign didn't understand the Internet. In fact, it showed repeatedly that it saw the Web only as a vague, magical fundraising force. It would be more accurate to say that the Internet understood Ron Paul, with supporters crawling out of the online woodwork to put together flickr accounts and Youtube campaigns. It was a great example of self-organization--but note that none of it translated into on-the-ground machinery, which is the actual domain of an effective political campaign. If you want to see someone who really used the Internet effectively in combination with traditional political savvy, I think you'd have to look more toward Obama, not Ron Paul.
  • I picked up a Yahoo! mail account a while back when I needed access to some discussion groups. For kicks, I got a Yahoo! Canada address. But I started using the account to handle my webhost transition, and to follow Warren Ellis's Bad Signal. Then I noticed that the whole thing is in British English. What's up with that, Canada? There's no U in color, eh!
  • The Upside-down-ternet is a pretty neat hack. I forget where I saw this link--from an XKCD comic, I think. If I had a lot more time and a spare functional router, I'd have to give it a shot. As it is, I'm more likely to just change the name of our wireless network to something obscene.
  • Music Thing has the details on the Anarchy Cowbell: the cowbell that fights The Man! There's not nearly enough cowbell-related news out there.
  • Unfortunately, I didn't get to attend the Anonymous protest against Scientology in DC. The Scientologist headquarters for the city is up near Dupont Circle, in a building labeled the "Hubbard Dianetics Foundation." Flickr user MynameisAnonymous seems to have gotten some good snaps here. If you missed it before, the Anonymous video guide to protesting can be found here. It's quite sensible. I wish Bank protestors had been that smart.
  • Harlan Ellison hates writers who work for free. So please don't tell him that I donated a post to Rain Recording's upcoming Pro section.
  • I realized a long time ago that I was not cut out to be a good programmer--that, in fact, I was a very bad programmer. Not because I couldn't understand the logic or the frameworks. I was a bad programmer because I didn't care, and I just wanted to get whatever it was done. To my surprise, Flash is a pretty good fit for that.

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