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January 4, 2007

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Five things

I saw this on Kung Fu Monkey, but apparently it's spread to the game blog networks, and Brinstar tagged me. The goal is to write five things other people don't know about me. I'm re-introducing the variation that one of them is a lie.

  1. I'm intensely insectophobic. Cockroaches especially make me queasy. Despite this fact, I rented Mimic while I was in college, based on its entry on It was a mistake on many levels.
  2. I have saved the same My Documents folder since I bought my first laptop in high school seven years ago. I still have the laptop, but the folder itself moved when I built a desktop machine a few years back. I rarely delete anything from it, and it still contains (surprisingly, because I'm not usually so organized) all of my undergrad writing assignments and (even more surprising) the essays I wrote for my college applications. I'm scared to go back and look at any of it.
  3. I actually love to cook, and consider myself a tolerably good amateur chef--although some of my skills have gotten rusty of late. My main weakness is that I overseason everything, due to a weak sense of smell and a lack of subtlety. I own one really good knife, necessary for any good kitchen, and I annoy Belle by refusing to let her handle it.
  4. I had one of my first summer jobs at a small potato chip maker in the Shenandoah Valley. I only worked in the office, but to this day I can't eat potato chips. Even just the smell gets to me. This makes parties a little bit awkward. I did walk away with a secret recipe for barbecue flavoring, though.
  5. One of my long-time musical dreams is to write a rock opera about a boy whose girlfriend runs away with the circus, and who has to take a road trip to find her. Astonishingly, I have usually put this off due to not only its difficulty, but also because it is too pretentious for even me.

I don't usually do memes or tagging. If you want, tag yourself on my behalf in comments.

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