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January 12, 2006

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Didn't they play the Patriot Center?

The spammers aren't getting any smarter or more convincing, but their latest gambit amuses me greatly: funny names used to sell me "Software."

Penknife C. Stultification
Truncates S. Utensil

Penknife Stultification would be an awesome name for a band.

August 3, 2005

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I got this today in one of my old mail accounts. The .html part of the message was just Viagra spam, but my webmail client (which is set to run text-only) just displayed the following. I'm guessing it's to fool my non-existent filters.

Hello, That is the ransom of the man. It is to be paid for him by theBeside her on the poop, whither they had climbed to obtain a betterof her hands was being entirely given to a desperate endeavour tosank forward in the stocks, and hung there now in a huddled heap,I shall never forget what you did, Mr. Blood. I shall never forget.Captain Blood smiled sardonic appreciation of the honour reservedwith parted lips. Then added: M. d'Ogeron? The Governor ofplaced. I had gone aboard his ship to demand the instant surrenderin your commission.conquered at last by horror so that she reeled there sick and faint.conceal resolved at once the doubt that had leapt so suddenly in - a thing of scorn, an outcast. And who made me that? Who made meof it, he added as an afterthought, the devil himself knows.vessels that they might be rendered seaworthy once more. Finally,generosity, which resides at the moment in my trigger-finger. YeNo more scowls, he said. You'll be sorry else.

There's a kind of poetry in that.

You'll be sorry else indeed.

May 31, 2005

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The stickers probably help

So I got the new battery for my old laptop by UPS today. I remember this machine always had really good endurance away from AC power, something like 5 hours one road trip, but I thought that was just an exaggeration. After all, it's a rare modern laptop that gets more than 3 hours, even without wireless.

I unplugged at around 11 or 11:30pm, and it's now almost 1am. The screen is at maximum brightness and the wireless network card has been used for moderate web browsing while I was typing the previous two posts. I still have more than 75% of the battery left. It may be a slow, bulky, beat-up machine, but it's going to be a great traveling computer for exactly those reasons. Makes me feel good to know that old technology doesn't necessarily mean bad technology, and that the money I spent back in high school is still a good investment.

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