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October 2, 2008

Filed under: tech

In Future, MP3 Plays You

Now that Nintendo's announced a new, media-enabled version of the DS, it begs the question:

Is there anything you own that doesn't play MP3 files? In the future, will everything be a digital audio player, from consoles to coffee mugs? How many MP3 players can one person need, or even conceivably use? At what point do they become the dominant form of life on the planet, perhaps forming a Skynet-like intelligence hellbent on the smearing of transients everywhere?

I know! Here's the perfect solution to the financial crisis: buy stock in Fraunhofer.

In other news, the RIAA has announced that it's suing the entire world, just on general principle. "We're going back to the theory of spontaneous generation," a spokesman said. "Just as rotten meat was once thought to produce maggots by abiogenesis, we believe that pirated music now arises from the ubiquity of capable hardware, with illegal tracks simply popping into existence at random. And when one does, we'll be there. With lawyers." Settlement talks are scheduled for next week.

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