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May 1, 2009

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Area Code 575

So you've gotten yourself a mobile device that does e-mail--a smartphone, Blackberry, tablet, whatever. Now, how do you let everyone know how important and technologically-savvy you are? The mobile signature line, of course!

This being DC, about half the e-mail in my work inbox contains the phrase "Sent from my Blackberry." "Sent from my iPhone" has yet to show up, but it's probably only a matter of time. And although I mock them, these postscripts are obviously useful as a way of preemptively apologizing for the short length, SMS-style spelling, and typos that inevitably result from text entry on a tiny keyboard. Or, as one Lifehacker post advises, maybe they're just lazy.

I actually try to keep my mobile messages grammatically-correct, but there's no doubt that my typical outpourings are a bit reduced when I have to tap my way around predictive T9. So while I wanted a signature line, I'd prefer something that's less branded, less bland, more... haiku?

Nine keys for typing
Brevity thus expected
Sent from my cell phone

What's your signature selling?

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