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July 23, 2008

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Taskbar Shuffle

I lack most of the obsessive-compulsive tendencies that seem to be common to the tech community, luckily. I don't have any of the weird superstitions chronicled in Rands' Quirkbook post. I think my habits are relatively restrained and normal, and you should ignore it if Belle makes claims to the contrary. As such, the order of windows on the taskbar, and the fact that those windows can't be manually reordered for whatever reason, doesn't particularly bother me. I seem to remember once reading a good reason why taskbar buttons can't be reordered, perhaps by Raymond Chen, but I can't find it now.

In any case, if it bothers you, Taskbar Shuffle inoffensively enables drag-and-drop reordering for taskbar items. There: now you've got five minutes of your day back from closing/reopening programs to create the correct order, you psychopath.

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