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September 14, 2006

Filed under: tech

Tracking adjustment

I'm using a Logitech Trackman at work now instead of a mouse to try to rest my wrists and prevent shooting pains through my hands and arms. It seems to be working nicely, particularly after I swapped the buttons to give my index finger a chance. But note: although the primary means of interaction with a trackball uses your thumb, where did the helpful people at Logitech put the scroll wheel?

Right: exactly where everyone else puts it. Between the two mouse buttons. And since the trackball is actually more curved than a mouse, it's actually harder on my index finger to reach for it now. Now, I love the scroll wheel--incredible idea, use it all the time. And I realize that my inability to cope with this at work is partly due to my lack of admin rights (for Mouseware) and partly to my poor work posture. But honestly, guys: put the wheel where it can be used, right by the marble. I miss my wheel.

Topics to be discussed tonight, after work, time permitting: The Who and Tommy, console interfaces, Corvus's roundtable on genre, and perhaps a new recorded cover.

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