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Original entry posted: Wed Jul 27 14:16:28 2011

Matt @ Wed Jul 27 11:24:34 2011 EST

First, I refuse to accept any judgments on The Avengers until the reviews come out. The film has a promising director, at least. Plus, both Thor and Captain America turned out to be crowd-pleasers, which makes Hulk the only disappointment so far. And even then, Hulk was better than the Ang Lee version, not that that's saying much. Second, where did you read about Parker's parents being SHIELD agents? As far as I know, Columbia still has the film rights to Spidey, and they're not playing nice with the whole Marvel Film Universe much like with Fox and the X-Men. Third, I can't imagine the Spider-Man franchise getting any worse than the Raimi films, especially the third film. But I do agree with you on the whole origin shtick getting old. The new Spider-Man movie should just jump right in like the Hulk reboot. We already know the story, dammit.

Thomas @ Wed Jul 27 11:45:24 2011 EST

Re: Spiderman and SHIELD, I think I got it from when they posted about the leaked Avengers trailer, but they don't source it very well.

Sbuiko @ Fri Jul 29 06:41:04 2011 EST

You really should watch the Watchmen. It's origin story done right. Thinking about it, V for Vendetta is a superhero movie, origins stories and all, and so is USA's millenium rendition of Godzilla. However, Godzilla doesn't fail at the origin story, but at the preparation for next movie (aka. the This ending sucks so we can make a film with the number 2 in it's title). Uhm yeah... sidetracked much, important part: watch Watchmen.

Matt @ Mon Aug 1 09:13:55 2011 EST

The Avengers teaser is after the Captain America credits. And while the Watchmen had some interesting moments, it had plenty of awkward and terrible moments. It's not a top superhero flick on my list.

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