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Husbands and Wives

Original entry posted: Wed Apr 11 16:50:36 2012

Clatyon @ Wed Apr 11 21:31:51 2012 EST

In a similar vein: there weren't any asari lap dances this game, either.

Nin @ Thu Apr 12 01:51:18 2012 EST <- what do you think of that critique of the ME3 ending? (the link leads to a quite funny - OK, hilarious - rewrite of LotR with ending similarly disjointed from the series and some interesting analysis.)

As someone who frequently rethinks their stories, I've always wondered how published authors deal with their stories being out and frozen and immutable. Changing something because it, in hindsight, makes no sense or is no longer the right way, does not seem such a horrible thing. I realise the difference between doing something for yourself and for fan pressure, but being inspired by others is, again, not a bad thing.

Thomas @ Thu Apr 12 07:49:04 2012 EST

Nin: I think it's a shame the author of that post thinks the highest aspiration for a game should be the glossy, focus-tested Hollywood blockbuster.

I didn't think the ME3 ending was great, but I think it's awful that people have tried to force them to change it. I thought the ending to BSG was a travesty, but it was the ending they wanted to make, and I don't get to storm Ron Moore's house asking him to take out the gratuitous mystical claptrap just because it makes me unhappy.

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