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A Series of Increasingly Unlikely Apologies

Original entry posted: Thu Jun 24 14:29:37 2010

Thomas @ Thu Jun 24 10:37:22 2010 EST

Note: I am actually sorry about the NPR thing, if you're here because yours is broken. I'll test my patches more thoroughly next time.

Matt @ Thu Jun 24 11:06:08 2010 EST

I also want to apologize to Stieg Larsson for the following comment: "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" is not the amazing book everyone makes it out to be. I'm barely holding on after 200-something pages, waiting for the effing plot to move forward already. Move, plot. MOVE!

Thomas @ Thu Jun 24 11:19:07 2010 EST

Watch the movie instead. It's much better.

Team Edward (James Olmos) @ Thu Jun 24 11:20:41 2010 EST

Real men don't glitter.

So say we all.

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